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COMPATH stands for the Comparative Pathology Platform of the University of Bern.

Our aims are:

  • To provide scientific and technical support to researchers working on animal models of human disease
  • To provide complementary histopathological expertise (human and animal)
  • To provide access to our growing network of scientists, physicians and technicians

This “one medicine/pathology” approach generates synergy between various experts. 

What is new about COMPATH?

  • COMPATH’s major strengths: unique team of human and veterinary pathologists/scientists, and longstanding experience in supporting both preclinical and clinical research. 
  • This responds to the urgent national and international need for a thorough evaluation of preclinical in-vivo and ex-vivo research projects.
  • The integration of modern technology such as next generation tissue microarrays (www.ngtma.com) adds to the conventional morphologic analysis.