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Christine Göpfert



Research interest: Tumor pathology and therapy, comparative pathology


Christine Göpfert studied veterinary medicine at the University of Leipzig (Germany), where she graduated in 2007. Following her graduation she pursued several research projects in the group of Prof. Frey  (Clinic of Nephrology and Hypertension, Inselspital, University of Bern) thereby co-establishing mouse models based on clinical imaging tools such as bioluminescence, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission therapy (PET) in the context of a human prostate cancer gene therapy approach. She earned her Veterinary Doctoral Degree in 2010 and her PhD in 2011.

As a postdoctoral research fellow she carried on projects within the same experimental research field and group for almost two years. Meanwhile she started the Residency Program in Veterinary Pathology at the Institute of Animal Pathology (University of Bern) with emphasis on laboratory animal pathology. During her Residency she has done an internship at Roche Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland and Penzberg, Germany), where she worked on her own project titled ‘L1CAM Protein Expression of Selected Tissues From Humans and Non-Human Primates’, which was presented at the European College of Veterinary Pathologists congress in Berlin in 2014.

As of February 2015, Christine Göpfert is working as Veterinary Pathologist in Bern, where she is serving in biopsy service and is part of the comparative pathology staff. In 2016 she passed the European College of Veterinary Pathologists Board Exam.