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Sara Soto



Research interest: Pathology of tumors, comparative pathology


Sara Soto graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leon (Spain), with a graduate degree in veterinary pathology focused on Listeriosis infection in sheep. Afterwards she specialized in Veterinary Pathology at the UAB University in Barcelona (Spain) and earned the ECVP Diploma as well as the PhD.

Her professional experience extends to different areas, from biopsy diagnosis to research. She has been part of the diagnostic service at the UAB Pathology Department, and has founded and run a private veterinary diagnostic lab. In the area of research she has worked as veterinary pathologist at the CReSA institute in Barcelona on different infectious diseases (Blue Tongue, ASFV and CSF) in sheep and pigs, and at the IMP/IMBA/CSF research centers in Vienna (Austria), concentrating on cancer projects using mice.

From June 2018 Sara is working at the Institute of Animal Pathology (ITPA) in Bern in the Comparative Pathology group.